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Learn with a coach and a community

Coach Carmelina coaching a small class of professionals in job seeking skills

Join a cohort of online group sessions with Coach Carmelina in a small class setting where you will connect and learn with other professionals in a supportive environment.

Cohorts offered to include the job seeking essentials where Coach Carmelina's clients have attended and received multiple offers!

Depending on your field of interest, additional offerings include an Agile Apprenticeship (by invitation only) or portfolio group session.

Job Seeking Cohort

Job Seeking Cohort Includes

Next Job Seeking Cohort Starts June 11th

1:1 Personalized Coaching:

  • Finding your niche

  • Role-playing interview preparation

5 Group Sessions:

  • Resume

  • LinkedIn profile

  • Applying & networking

  • Interviewing & role-playing

  • Cover letter 

Video Review and Slack Channel:

  • Resume video review

  • Unlimited access to Slack community channel

Unemployed? Join our Job Seeking Cohort and
pay only after you receive an offer.

How the cohort works

1:1 Personalized coaching

The cohort starts with a 1:1 personalized coaching session to find your niche, the foundation to your success, in preparing for your job search to find your career bliss.


The interview role-playing 1:1 personalized coaching is scheduled before your first interview to prepare you for interview success.

Group Sessions

Once you find your niche, the resume class will help you land interviews for jobs you want to have, reducing job seeking time.

You will learn how to design your LinkedIn profile to get noticed by telling and strengthening your story on your profile!

Networking has a 70-80% success rate when job seeking, while applying has only 10-15% success. You will learn applying and networking strategies that increase your success and turn your job search into a proactive one. In addition, you will get scripts to use for networking effectively.

In the interview and role-playing class, you will learn how to successfully answer interview questions to land the offer.

Learn how to craft cover letter to tell your story, demonstrate your value and show employers you are passionate about their missions.

Each class in the cohort builds upon the previous ones to create a cohesive brand identity.

Learning in a group setting gives you a community to collaborate and partner with to practice what you are learning.

Video Review

Your resume is reviewed by Coach Carmelina via video.

Slack Community

You will also receive unlimited Slack communication support during your career seeking journey with your coach and peers.

Schedule of Upcoming Job Seeking Cohort

Next Job Seeking Cohort

Starts June 11th: 10:30 am CT

Finding your niche 1:1
(Coach Carmelina will contact you to schedule)

Week 1

10:30 am CT


Week off to work on your resume
(Video review by Coach Carmelina)

Week 3

10:30 am CT


Week 4

10:30 am CT

Applying &

Week 5

10:30 am CT

& role-playing

Schedule interview role-playing 1:1
(Best before your first job interview)

Week 6

10:30 am CT

Cover letter

Job Seeking Cohort


What clients are saying


Additional Services

1:1 Personalized

15 Minute Consultation

1 Hour Coaching 

Coaching Packages

Video Courses

Preparing For Your Job Search

Applying and Networking 

Finding Your Niche

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