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Clients looking for a new role get

3x in interest in interviews

2x the amount of job offers

25% more salary

20% more PTO

Time spent job seeking cut in 1/2

Ideal jobs found 2x faster

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Watch what our clients have to say


Sneha M. "Carmelina was there every step of the way until I landed 5 job offers."

Trang V. "I ended up with 4 offers in the end and I am so happy where I landed."


"I believe anyone who works with Carmelina will feel extremely fortunate. She is dedicated to ensuring her mentees and clients are successful by going above and beyond expectations to help them."

Reviews from clients who are looking for a new role


"Carmelina is an amazing coach to work with. I went to her to seek help with my resume, portfolio and LinkedIn after countless job rejections. She quickly helped me assess my career goals and aspirations and worked with me to put a plan in place that included identifying the types of companies to target, interview preparation, networking strategy and tips. She also helped me enhance my profile to achieve the job I was struggling with.

Through my resume and portfolio she helped highlight all my career accomplishments, skills and strengths. Soon after her session I started seeing a change: receiving multiple interview calls, clearing interview rounds became a smooth sail for me.

I took the first session exactly a month back and I’m happy to report with her guidance and support I bagged a job. Her support and coaching helped me reach from zero to hundred and they are lessons and learnings which I can apply in any job and course of my career."

Kimberly A.png

“I met Carmelina when considering a career change. As a nurse of 25 years with lots of different experiences, I was ready to move on to something a little different that would continue to challenge me much in a way that nursing has. Carmelina worked with me to show me my strengths and point out the many highly desirable skills that were truly marketable for my career shift. She helped me to rewrite my resume and network. I am truly thankful to have connected to Carmelina. She helped me to secure a job in the defense industry as a Project Engineer!! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to change careers, elevate in their current career, or any of the services she provides her clients. Thank you so much Carmelina!!!”

Christie P.png

“I met Carmelina through my sister over 25 years ago and not only has she been a great friend over the years, but we recently connected as I had been seeking employment for 11 months. Carmelina and I had 1 consultation and 1 coaching call which were very informative and gave me reassurance as I prepared for my interviews. She helped me revise my LinkedIn profile and resume to become more attractive to potential employers. Within a short few weeks of our sessions, I was offered a position. She is a very knowledgeable and intentional coach. I would recommend her to anyone looking for constructive career advice.”


“For the first time in my life I hired a career coach. It took a long time to find her, but I knew she was the one within 5 minutes of meeting her.

We’ve had one session and I already have clarity and a restored sense of hope and excitement. You might be headed in the right direction while taking the wrong path. That can happen easier than one would imagine, especially in the world of design where there are so many paths to take.

Maybe you’ve reached milestones and feel like something is missing or maybe you can’t get out of your own head. Sometimes you need the right person at the right time to help you and there’s nothing wrong with that. My thanks goes out to Carmelina. I’m glad I have her as a coach and I feel better already.”

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Clients looking to shine in their current role get

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2x more successful in current role

4x more likely to get promoted

Work Life Balance.png

Targeted Training

Less burnout

Better work-life balance

Trust and Relationships.png

Build trust and relationships with peers 3x faster

More likely to get recognized

Reviews from clients who are looking to shine in their current role

Testimonial Sahana Mentor CCP.png

"It is my pleasure to wholeheartedly recommend Carmelina for any career coaching support required, especially within the User Experience Design field. Carmelina is the kind of mentor most people look for all their life and never find. There are instances where I’ve messaged her for help at 7 pm and witnessed how committed she is to her role as a mentor.

Besides her authentic nature, she has the relevant expertise and knowledge to provide actionable feedback. Carmelina is inherently encouraging and great at motivating her mentees. She was instrumental in shaping the way I told my career story through my resume, in interviews, and in my websites: portfolio and LinkedIn profile.

In a few short conversations, I had the guidance I needed to land the job I wanted. She was able to build my confidence by always saying “I’m here for you!". She’s a true blessing to the design field – full of heart and useful tips to help you get where you want to be!"

Caitlin E.png

“Carmelina has acted as my Design Mentor as I have transitioned into more senior IC roles, helping me find and address blind spots in my planning, deal with UX integration and maturity challenges in various organizations I have worked with, and generously providing me a wise, design-focused, human-centered sounding board when I have needed. Her kindness and warmth are matched only by her thoroughness as a thought partner - which has come in clutch more times than I can count.”

Gina S.png

"Carmelina helped me map out a career strategy, and make important updates to my resume and LinkedIn profile to help me achieve my goals. I highly recommend her! Her coaching was key to helping me find my new position, and I feel like I am exactly where I want to be in my career path now.”


"It is fantastic to work with Carmelina as a career coach and mentor who can help guide you through all the questions that come up throughout the stages of your career. From job searching to interviewing to leveling up, she teaches tactics that help build confidence and make you feel more prepared to excel. If you need guidance, working with a career coach is a great option to try with Carmelina being the best!"

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Are you ready to find fulfillment in your career?

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