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Carmelina Piedra, Founder
Certified Career Coach & Facilitator
Executive Innovation Coach

Forbes Distinguished


Coach Carmelina is a Forbes Distinguished Career Coach and received a Bachelors Degree from Indiana University in Graphic Design and Business. She began working in Advertising and Marketing with a focus on Visual Design and learned very early on that branding yourself and creating a cohesive story about your background and passions was critical to success.

Later in her career, she received a Masters Degree in Human-Centered Communication Design from the Institute of Design, IIT and is certified in LUMA Institute's Human-Centered Design Thinking and Facilitation. It was at ID, while she was a student, where Carmelina began coaching students within the program to help them find their way. She had more work experience than some, so she naturally coached, mentored and guided them in a variety of directions during the program and upon graduation to help them find success in the field.

When the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, Carmelina saw so many people affected by job loss or shifts and felt she wanted to do even more coaching to help. She enjoyed giving back so much that she decided to receive her certification as a Certified Professional Career Coach and is currently a member of the International Association of Professional Career Coaches. Soon after, CareerCoachingPro was born.

Carmelina is a Certified Professional Career Coach and Facilitator, Mentor and Educator and an Executive Innovation Coach. She helps individuals, businesses and coaches with a variety of coaching services. Carmelina is honored to have been accepted into the Forbes Coaches Council (read the press release.) She has been fortunate enough to help others while partnering with the AIGA, LUMA-Institute, CareerFoundry, Flatiron School, General Assembly, DePaul University, and Northpark University, to name a few. 

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We help individuals, businesses and coaches.

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