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Through this blog, Carmelina aims to provide you with insightful and practical advice to help you make informed decisions about your career.​

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How To Find True Happiness

Author: Carmelina Piedra

February 22, 2023

Most people in life just want true happiness. While money seems to make things better and seems like the logical way to bring true happiness, there is a lot of research that tells us differently. In fact, in my travels abroad, I’ve...

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Woman in a meeting

Author: Carmelina Piedra

December 28, 2023

Career Coaching Isn’t Just For Job Seekers—It Can Help Career Development, Too

Organizations should also understand first-hand if their career development needs are being satisfied. Companies should be asking their employees for feedback on this topic and be able to react to their needs.

Woman typing on laptop

Author: Carmelina Piedra

December 1, 2023

10 Job-Seeking Strategies That Work

Job seeking can be extremely frustrating and depleting, especially if you are unemployed or have been impacted by layoffs. Continuing to try the same methods over and over without results can be maddening. Instead, I recommend at that point that you try something new.

people working on computers

Author: Carmelina Piedra

October 24, 2023

Bad Management Within Organizations Has Dangerous Ripple Effects

Employees want to be seen, heard, valued and supported. But right now, according to surveys, 63% of employees do not feel fully heard by their managers, 35% of employees say their managers do not care about them as a person and 34% say their manager does not take them seriously.

Face Made of Pins

Author: Carmelina Piedra

July 24, 2023

How AI Is Changing The Face Of Careers As We Know It

While artificial intelligence, or AI, seems to be the latest technology buzzword in the last couple of years, it has been around for much longer. Many of us have been interacting with AI for quite some time…

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