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Five Paper Boats on a White Background

Author: Carmelina Piedra

April 4, 2023
With many businesses returning to the office, what is one simple thing a leader can do to support their team's health and wellness in the workplace this year?

Coming back into the office means many will be adding back commute times which could have been used for health and wellness. Research tells us that more time off is the best way to avoid burnout, sabbaticals being at the top of that list. More and more companies are offering long-term time off which helps people come back to work refreshed, showing gratitude, and performing at very high levels.

Writing on the Edge of a Train Platform that says "The Gap"

Author: Carmelina Piedra

April 4, 2023
How can a company identify leadership gaps?

There are so many people managers who are not fit for this role and really should be in a higher individual contributor role instead. For those who are truly meant to manage people, there is a huge gap. So many people managers stay too close to the work and have not been provided adequate people management training. So, they are unable to mentor and support their directs in the right way.

Four Post-It Notes that read: "Accept" "Love" "Empower" and "Advocate"

Author: Carmelina Piedra

April 4, 2023
What is one way a leader might inadvertently micromanage their team members, and what are the potential consequences?

Managers moving up the chain traditionally have been doing the work of their direct reports in the past. So, they find it difficult to give up management of the work because they are still tied to it. The best managers empower their teams to do their best work. Alternatively, when managers micromanage, they disempower teams, productivity goes down, and oftentimes see high turn over rates.

Forbes Coaches Council Header Image

Contributor: Carmelina Piedra

March 1, 2023
What specific exercise can leaders use to foster appreciation for team diversity?

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