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What others are saying about Career Coaching Pro

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Moderated Group Panel Testimonial by Coach Carmelina with Sneha M., Trang V., and Nick M.

Sneha M. "It wasn't an easy journey. However, Carmelina was there for me every step of the way until I landed 5 job offers. I continue to use things she has taught me every day, and I continue to schedule calls with her as she is now my life-long mentor."

Trang V. "Carmelina helped me be more self-confident as a minority changing careers into Tech. I ended up with 4 offers in the end, and I am so happy where I landed."

Nick M. "Since having started working with Carmelina, interest has gone up considerably and almost immediately. I recommend working with Carmelina as she is able to customize her advice based on your personalized needs."

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Dalena T., Los Angeles, CA

"Carmelina was my mentor at CareerFoundry as I went through a career change. Thanks to her, I completed the foundations. And, with her guidance, we utilized my transferable skills from a previous career and new skills and experiences to complete my resume and LinkedIn profile and was able to land an interview. I believe anyone who works with Carmelina will feel extremely fortunate. She is dedicated to ensuring her mentees and clients are successful by going above and beyond expectations to help them."

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Vanya S., Portland, OR

"Carmelina is an amazing coach to work with. I went to her to seek help with my resume, portfolio and LinkedIn after countless job rejections. She quickly helped me assess my career goals and aspirations and worked with me to put a plan in place that included identifying the types of companies to target, interview preparation, networking strategy and tips. She also helped me enhance my profile to achieve the job I was struggling with.

Through my resume and portfolio she helped highlight all my career accomplishments, skills and strengths. Soon after her session I started seeing a change: receiving multiple interview calls, clearing interview rounds became a smooth sail for me.

I took the first session exactly a month back and I’m happy to report with her guidance and support I bagged a job. Her support and coaching helped me reach from zero to hundred and they are lessons and learnings which I can apply in any job and course of my career."

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Jared W., Chapel Hill, N.C.

“For the first time in my life I hired a career coach. It took a long time to find her, but I knew she was the one within 5 minutes of meeting her.


We’ve had one session and I already have clarity and a restored sense of hope and excitement. You might be headed in the right direction while taking the wrong path. That can happen easier than one would imagine, especially in the world of design where there are so many paths to take.


Maybe you’ve reached milestones and feel like something is missing or maybe you can’t get out of your own head. Sometimes you need the right person at the right time to help you and there’s nothing wrong with that. My thanks goes out to Carmelina. I’m glad I have her as a coach and I feel better already.”

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Trang V.H., Washington, DC

Having Carmelina as a mentor has changed my life for the better! Carmelina was my mentor at CareerFoundry boot camp and she proved that her coaching was invaluable when I landed 4 offers in a few weeks even before I had finished my program.

Her top traits are:

- Knowledgeable and UX expert: She’s my go-to person when I need to seek advice on UX techniques, human-centered design thinking, and career transition.

- Ability to provide feedback: She created a strategy that fit my needs and created long-term and short-term goals to help me become who I want to be. She made sure that I could identify my strengths and work on my weaknesses. Her insight into the UX field helped me find my niche. She helped to boost my confidence in my abilities and always reminded me to embrace who I am and my background.

- Career and branding coach: She helped me with my resume, LinkedIn profile, storytelling, and portfolio which attracted many recruiters and prospective employers. Then, she prepared me for interviews and practice design challenges which were effective in helping me land multiple offers. She taught me how to negotiate my offer by showing what values I could bring to the table.

- Availability: She always tried to make time for me when I need help even though her schedule is tight.

- Attentive listener: Transitioning into a new field takes a lot of courage and my journey hasn’t always been completely flat. Carmelina always got my back during the up and down moments. During our sessions, she listened and provided input that is courageous and motivate me for staying positive.I highly recommend Carmelina as a coach and mentor!​​​​​​​

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Sahana M., Chicago, IL

"It is my pleasure to wholeheartedly recommend Carmelina for any career coaching support required, especially within the User Experience Design field. Carmelina is the kind of mentor most people look for all their life and never find. There are instances where I’ve messaged her for help at 7 pm and witnessed how committed she is to her role as a mentor.

Besides her authentic nature, she has the relevant expertise and knowledge to provide actionable feedback. Carmelina is inherently encouraging and great at motivating her mentees. She was instrumental in shaping the way I told my career story through my resume, in interviews, and in my websites: portfolio and LinkedIn profile.

In a few short conversations, I had the guidance I needed to land the job I wanted. She was able to build my confidence by always saying “I’m here for you!". She’s a true blessing to the design field – full of heart and useful tips to help you get where you want to be!"

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Testimonial Taras Personal Branding.png
Taras S., Chicago, IL

“Carmelina is an amazing mentor and a human being. During my conversation with her, she gave me candid feedback about my resume, portfolio, and branding. She also provided me with suggestions on how to improve those elements that allowed me to get my current job. I will definitely take advantage of the insights she shared with me in my future career journey.”

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Testimonial Michaela Feedback CCP.png
Michaela J., Minneapolis, MN

“After working with Carmelina during my time at CareerFoundry, I have learned how to value and apply my transferrable skills from previous careers, pursue UX opportunities with an open-mind and interview with confidence. Before even completing my Bootcamp certification, Carmelina’s direct feedback, industry insights and interview preparation helped me to land my first full-time UX job.


She encouraged me to reframe my unique skills and prior work experiences in a way that has empowered me as an early-career designer.

From advice on personal branding to maintaining self-confidence during the job search, Carmelina’s authentic and candid coaching style will help you to succeed in the career world and beyond.”

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