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  • Q: How much do your services cost?
    A: We offer a variety of services at a variety of price points for both individuals and businesses: We offer 3 different services for individuals looking to find an ideal role or shine, get recognized or promoted: BETTER: Video courses on common topics starting at $99 PLUS: Group courses with those who have similar interests starting at $125 BEST: 1:1 Personalized coaching calls starting at $250 We offer 3 different services for business. Businesses who wish to get a quote, please fill out this form. INVEST AND RETAIN: Create a business transformation strategy and/or train your employees WORKSHOPS AND FACILITATION: Discover innovative gaps and solve problems OUTPLACEMENT SERVICES: Support employees with career transition services
  • Q: Can I speak with you before committing to services?
    A: The introductory video will tell you more about our services. If you wish to schedule a 1:1 personalized coaching call, we will take 10 minutes at the beginning of our first call to discuss a plan and how we will work best together. Free consultations are no longer offered. If you are still unsure about how we can help, please visit the services page. Also, please read testimonials from many satisfied clients.
  • Q: Are discounts offered?
    A: FOR INDIVIDUALS: First time clients get 10% off by using the promo code: TOGETHER. Group sessions do offer discounts if you sign up for multiple sessions in a cohort. Also, if you purchase more than 1 video course, it is also discounted. No discounts are offered for 1:1 personalized coaching sessions with individuals. We now offer three different service types at a variety of price points to serve those with different needs. Please visit the services page to see more on all 3 service types at different price points for individuals. FOR BUSINESSES: Businesses who wish to get a quote, please fill out this form.
  • Q: For group sessions and 1:1 personalized coaching, where will these take place?"
    A: Remote, over Zoom. A zoom link will be provided when scheduling a group session or signing up for a 1:1 personalized coaching call. If you need special accommodations, please email:
  • Q: Do I have to sign up for all group sessions in a cohort?
    A: You can sign up for as few as 1 class for the regular price or all 9 classes in the cohort for a discount within our group session offerings.
  • Q: What if I have technical difficulties with the video courses?
    A: We do not anticipate any technical difficulties with the video courses. We are using a reputable web service. However, on the off chance where you have a challenge, please email:
  • Q: What timezone do you work in?
    A: Central-time
  • Q: Do you work outside of 9-5 pm / Monday – Friday?
    A: Yes, we can accommodate a variety of times that work for your needs. If you are not finding a time that works with your schedule. Please email
  • Q: Do you support and work with international clients outside of North America?
    A: Yes, we support international clients working outside of North America. However, I am not qualified to give advice on labor laws.
  • Q: Do you help me stay on track with my tasks and goals?
    A: Yes, we do help you stay on track with tasks and goals. We can help you come up with a customized plan in a 1:1 Personalized Coaching Call. Please book a call now.
  • Q: Will you help me write my Resume and/or LinkedIn profile?
    A: We work with clients in a variety of ways. You can buy a video course on these topics, sign up for group sessions on these topics or work together for customized service in a 1:1 personalized coaching call. Please read more on services here. If you prefer that we write a resume for you, please let us know by emailing:
  • Q: Will you help me with my network and reconnecting?
    A: Yes, networking is a huge part of career success. While we are not a staffing firm, we do help individuals with networking strategies that increase success rates. You will receive additional benefits by also utilizing our networks and those who are seeking qualified candidates. Please read more on what kind of services we provide for networking here.
  • Q: Do you offer out of session support via email or texting?
    A: Individuals who purchase 1:1 personalized coaching sessions will also get email support during the duration of their personalized program periods.
  • Q: Can I record my 1:1 personalized coaching calls?
    A: Yes, you will be able to record valuable information and strategies that you will be given during 1:1 personalized coaching calls. However, you will not be able to share this information with others since information shared with clients is owned and trademarked by Career Coaching Pro.
  • Q: What happens if I successfully get a job or a promotion in the middle of my 1:1 personalized program period?
    A: There is no obligation to complete a 1:1 personalized program. Clients pay before each session not for the entire program upfront. Many clients find success after only a few sessions, so we will discuss next steps if something comes up in the middle of the program that was not initially known, discussed or agreed to. Completing your 1:1 personalized program is recommended, however, it’s important that we pivot whenever necessary.
  • Q: How soon until I find success with your services?
    A: Many clients find success after only a few sessions, however, results vary based on clients’ needs. Please read testimonials from many satisfied clients. Success metrics from CareerCoachingPro clients include: INDIVIDUALS: Individuals who work with CareerCoachingPro see a return on investment in spades. Those looking for their ideal role who work with us get: • 3x in interest and interviews • 2x the amount of job offers • 25% more salary • 20% more PTO • Reduction in job seeking time by ½ • Find ideal jobs 2x fast Those looking to shine, get recognized and promoted who work with us get: • 2x more successful in current role • Targeted training • Better work/life with less burnout • Promoted 4x as fast • Build trust and relationships 3x faster and get recognized more than their peers BUSINESSES: Businesses who work with CareerCoachingPro see a return on investment in spades. • Solutions to market 2x faster while reducing development time by 1/3 • 2x the outperformance in industry and in revenue benchmarks • 8x ROI by increasing productivity by 86% • Improve employee engagement by 56% and employee retention by 32%
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