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How we help Businesses

In order to help you with business services: Invest and Retain, Workshops and Facilitation, and Redeploy and Outplacement services, please fill out the form below so we can assess your needs and get back to you asap to discuss a quote.

Businesses who work with Career Coaching Pro see a Return on Investment in spades:
• Solutions to market 2x faster while reducing development time by 1/3
• 2x the outperformance in industry and in revenue benchmarks
• 8x ROI by increasing productivity by 86%
• Improve employee engagement by 56% and employee retention by 32%

Upscale / Rescale
Discover Gaps / Solve Problems
Career Transition / Support Employees

Create a Business Transformation Strategy

Train your employees with new skills to foster career growth

Conduct stay interviews to ensure you are providing the best environments for employees and prevent attrition

Instill Human-Centered Design Thinking throughout your company or organization

Understand the design and Agile processes and how best to implement them

Uncover problem areas for employees and customers to ensure you are solving the right problems in workshops

Tackle the right problems through strategic planning and define clear actions in a collaborative setting

Work through a problem with an unbiased third party facilitator

Redeploy top performers to be adaptable and versatile while offering career growth opportunities and laddering

Provide a smooth transition in employee careers and find new opportunities​

Guide people through their career transition while also supporting employees

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