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Career Coaching


Founder | Certified Career Coach

Carmelina Piedra, MDes

Executive Innovation Coach & Facilitator


Find an ideal role making 25% more salary or shine, get recognized and promoted 4x faster through Video Courses, Group Sessions, and 1:1 Personalized Coaching


Improve employee engagement by 56% and increase employee engagement by 32% through Invest and Retain, Workshops and Facilitation, and Outplacement Services


Start a coaching business in a day and grow by increasing leads and sales by 20%

Carmelina Piedra accepted into Forbes Coaches Council!

The Forbes Coaches Council is an invitation-only community for world-class executives, successful CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners.

How can Career Coaching Pro help you?

Career Coaching Pro has been helping individuals find their next ideal role with an increase in pay and meaning, or get recognized, shine, and promoted in your current role.

We also help businesses invest and retain in their employees, discover innovative gaps, solve problems, and redeploy and support employees with career transition services.

Career Coaching Pro also helps coaches start their businesses and grow!

Let our certified career coach help you find your way just as we have for many satisfied clients!