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Agile Apprenticeship Application Form

Thank you for your interest in the Agile Apprenticeship program.

*As a prerequisite, you must be or have been a client of Carmelina’s to join (in the job-seeking cohort group sessions).

Learn Agile with an intimate community of designers, researchers, and those with front-end development knowledge to solve real-world problems. Coach Carmelina will teach you Agile while working on real projects, so you can gain experience for your portfolio, resume, and LinkedIn profile.

Please complete the application form to help us better understand your qualifications and fit for the program. If selected, Carmelina will reach out via email. 

Have you been a customer of Coach Carmelina's in the past?
Are you in or have you completed the job-seeking cohort?

If you selected No, please apply for the Cohort first. If you selected Yes or Signed Up, please continue. 

How did you learn UX?
What type of UX career are you pursuing (select all that apply)
Would you like to learn Agile as you perform pro-bono work?
Do you have experience working with agile methodologies?
Are you prepared to commit to (10 to 15 hours a week) and attend 2.5 hours of Agile Ceremonies a week?
Are you looking to have fun and commit to working on an autonomous team that is responsible for their own tasks and feel empowered to do your best work while being guided by Carmelina?

Thanks for applying! We will get back to you soon.

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