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Learn Agile with a community and work on real-world projects

Coach Carmelina coaching a small class of professionals in a free Agile Apprenticeship

Coach Carmelina will teach you Agile with a community of designers, researchers, and those with front-end development knowledge while working on real-world projects.

Gain experience for your portfolio, resume, and LinkedIn profile so that you can speak confidently in interviews about Agile and land your next tech role.

Play a key role on an autonomous team that implements products in the real world.

Participation in the Job-Seeking Cohort is a prerequisite to joining the Agile Apprenticeship.


How the apprenticeship works

Launched projects for case studies
Real-world projects equal credibility for hiring managers. Working on a live, launched site demonstrates to recruiters that you know how to pivot, and work within business constraints, setbacks, and unexpected challenges. Real-world projects give you metrics and impact to include in your portfolio.

Learn Agile
Participate in Agile Scrum ceremonies of roughly 2.5 hours spread over the course of a week. Ceremonies include daily stand-ups, grooming, planning, demos, and retro per sprint.
Coach Carmelina acts as the product owner to guide you on writing user stories, pointing, and prioritization.

Team Collaboration and Autonomy
Agile teams are autonomous and self-managing. You will be accountable for delivering outcomes to meet the needs of customers and stakeholders to build a Continuous Delivery Pipeline.

Time Commitment

Spend roughly 10-15 hours a week total working both autonomously with your team and cross-collaboratively with the larger team in Agile.

Participation in the Job-Seeking Cohort is a prerequisite to joining the Agile Apprenticeship.

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